Bring us your classes and workshops! Photo: Matt Kamimura


FEB 2016

New Registration Type for Educational Events

In an effort to draw more educational opportunities for all, we have decided to introduce a new registration type for the fringe festival. 

  • Educational events (including workshops, classes, or any other instructional/educational endeavors) can be registered for $50, or…
  • …Participants who have already registered a show can register an educational event for free.
  • Tickets to these events do not need to be free; producers can set the amount.
  • Free/Discounted registration does not mean a production will necessarily be free to produce. Consider venue and production costs before taking advantage of this opportunity.
  • Educational events will receive their own page on the Hollywood Fringe Festival website, where tickets can be sold.
  • Educational events can take place virtually anytime June 1, 2021, through August 29th, 2021. 
  • To present an event in this category outside of the official festival dates (August 12th-29th) please email [email protected] to get those performance times set up. 

To register an educational event, you will first have to create a project.