Scott Langer

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Scott is a writer, actor, and native New Yorker who studied method acting at Lee Strasberg Institute. He wrote, directed, and starred in the off-Broadway play This Is Your Cigarette at NYC’s Players Theatre. Scott co-starred in Rachel Feinstein’s Comedy Central pilot Rachel Profiling. Most recently he was a finalist at The Oaxaca FilmFest for his screenplay Dead Shepherd and is currently set to star in a Las Vegas indie feature titled Naked City.


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If you're into female impersonation, shocking flashbacks, and audience participation, SNAP, HONEY is for you! Get into the story of a man named Vageena Honey. Shows are June 1,8, 10,13 and 22 at studio/stage. For adults only!

Brooms Permitted but Not Required

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Once upon a time, the word "Witch" meant "wise woman." Did you know that Witches of old flew with the aid of broomsticks? Come learn how, and then fly with me!