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From Russia with love! Ekaterina studied ballet and singing in Russia. After, she made a move to New York where she started her entertainment career as a model. She just moved to California to pursue her acting career. She’s already been in several productions and runway shows this year. And she is very excited to be a part of Kookie Clubhouse Kingdom. You can see more at www.pegovae.com


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We tell ourselves lies like, “She loves me” and we believe them. In this drama, playwright Brendan Beseth draws you into the lives of a beautiful woman and the men that love her. The experience blurs the lines between what is true and what is a lie.

Black & White in Paris

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Black & White in Paris takes you on a musical journey of passion, intrigue, love and romance. Inspired by the photography of Christopher Broughton, this cabaret experience weaves his rich photographic imagery into the fabric of the show.