Nina Fernandez

Nina Rocio Fernandez is a​n LA based filmmaker, creative director, and photographer​, yet she’s had her hands on almost every aspect of production. In 2009 Nina ​was a costume designer​ at the Edinburgh​ Fringe Festival on a show titled “​The ​Inconvenient Truths.” She dressed the cast in costumes made out of entirely recyclable materials. In 2015, she​​ received a B.F.A in photography and video from The Maryland Institute College of Art​. ​Since then she’s worked for various companies including Getty Images, Samsung, Investigation Discovery, Conquer Entertainment​, and Sculture LLC​​. ​Find more at and on Instagram @nina_rocio.

Combined Artform's PICK OF THE FRINGE

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Fifth smash year! Too many shows and not enough time? Our experienced, independent judges see tons of productions across every genre, then we choose, and present live highlights from, five of the best shows at each Pick of the Fringe performance.

Come see what the title is all about.

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Final two shows! Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 3pm. Who knew that being afraid of tubas would be the most reasonable thing going on these days? Participants PYWC Volunteers are comped.