Reena Lalita Desai

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Reena is a Los Angeles-based writer, dancer and performer. Since a young age she was greatly influenced by Gandhi’s journey of personal and social transformation. Her personal transformation has come through devotion to the Goddess, which is at the source of her art and creative life. Through dance, storytelling and ritual performance, Reena’s passion is to invoke the Divine Feminine for our collective empowerment and transformation. For more information please visit:

Spiritual Ecstasy

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Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull meet Deepak Chopra, Story Telling Spiritual Mixologists, Spiritual Alchemist, Medical Intuitive, Sound Freak, Impromptu Energetic Healings, Downloads, Transformational Photography, Shruti Box Vocal Toning, PsychicFun

Eyes of the Blind

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Amy Bhaer heads home after yet another family suicide. Unable to cope with the guilt of a sister she barely knew, lost, Amy does not trust what she begins to see: her dead sister, Cassie.