Shira Leigh

Shira Leigh is proud to be popping her Hollywood Fringe cherry, but she has been a prior participant in NYC and Philly Fringe Festivals, with the dance-theater piece, I Dance. Since the age of 3, Shira has been addicted to the stage, growing up a trained award-winning dancer and venturing into musical theatre- having starred in productions from Annie to Hamlet. Shira studied theater at University of Pennsylvania, where she met her performance art mentors Deb Margolin and the late Oni Faida Lampley. She also studied performance art at Goldsmiths College in London.

After graduating from Penn, Shira formed an all-girl band and crashed the Warped Tour as Shiragirl, then created the Shiragirl Stage for female artists; this earned Shira an MTV Warpie award, and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- over 250 female artists graced the stage, including Joan Jett and Paramore. Shiragirl has toured America from dive bars to arenas, with many notable artists, such as Juliette Lewis.

Shira studied acting in New York City with Rob Sedgwick and Catherine Russell. Having relocated from Brooklyn to Hollywood in 2014, Shira is happy to be coming back to her theater roots, with her new show Hot Dates.

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Instagram and Snapchat: @shira_girl
Facebook and Twitter: @Shiragirl

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