Alyssa Barrett Jackson

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Alyssa Barrett Jackson is delighted to be making her LA theatrical debut in Narsociety. She is a comedian, actor, and snack enthusiast recently on the scene from Philadelphia. As a member of the Philly Improv Theater she co-hosted/wrote/produced Lady Bits a monthly all lady, late night, panel show and performed weekly with Harold house team Masher.

When she’s not rummaging through the actor food cabinets at Lesly Kahn & Co or eating Cashew Cookie Larabars during break at Groundlings, you’ll probably find her in a park, looking for cats, looking for macarons or bubble tea, or hosting her podcast Quitters!

For up to the minute info on her whereabouts, visit or find her on the social medias: @lyssbjack


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There's one word to describe the 80's; EXCESS. In this fast paced world, Henry Lewis sees property as the answer to being a 'somebody'. A modern, stylized tragedy about ambition, greed, and the snowball effects of success.


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Under the Jello Mold is Jennie’s Fahn’s one-woman show about how she dealt with her very colorful character of a mother during what turned out to be the final act of her life.