Pam Noles

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Pam Noles is a former cop reporter and features columnist whose work has appeared in outlets ranging from the Los Angeles Times to Vibe Magazine. She now hustles up work as a stage manager (including Catch the Tiger, Sabado Mornings, Hell Cab, Lone Star) and costume designer (Zombies from the Beyond, Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite, Amon Amrath’s Father of the Wolf, Revolutionary the Musical, and many Renaissance Faire participants).

She often performs on storytelling stages incuding BUSted, Sunday Night Sex Talks, Rant ’n Rave and the Turbine Arts Collective. She debuted her longform story show ! Death 40-Feet Tall ! at the first Hollywood Fringe Festival.

A graduate of the Clarion Writer’s Workshop, her fiction has appeared in anthologies from Warner Books, Dark Horse Comics, Terra Major, Pulphouse and various APAs.

Her embossed rejection from the New Yorker – complete with a handwritten note from an anonymous editor – is framed and proudly displayed in her living room.

She lives on Twitter @BGFCentral and will get back to updating her highly random blog, And We Shall March, any day now.

Do not ever ask her why Grendel should have kicked Batman’s ass during that crossover unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

Can a sex addict find love?

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An old-fashioned musical about sexual obsession. John uses sex to seek love and connection. Marty uses alcohol to escape his pain. They try to build a life as their demons and guardian angels battle: lust, booze and despair vs. recovery and hope.

Wednesdays 3pm-6pm!

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