Cyanne McClairian

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Born in Hollywood, Cyanne is a committed Mel Brooks fan who fell into Acting-literally-at age 6 as a Faerie in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” She clomped onto the stage to a roar of laughter & was instantly hooked!
After a sudden health hiatus, she is now BACK on her feet & incredibly excited to jump back into the Hollywood spotlight w/the PREMIERE of her One Woman Show— “I DIED…I CAME BACK… WHATEVER.”
Often said to be a young Meryl Streep or female Gary Oldman, Cyanne has been a Stand Up regular in Hollywood, as well as an Award Winning Shakespearean Actress. No stranger to the indie film circuit, from Slamdance to Cannes, she is true chameleon – portraying roles such as Femme Fatale, Southern Hairdresser, Polish Fortune Teller, Heroin Addict, Bacchanalian Warrior Goddess & more.
A student of International Acting Coach, Paul Parker @ AIDA, 2 of this comic pixie’s favorite roles have been Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream & Charles Manson’s disciple Squeeky Fromme in Assassins.
So…“Is that a 10 gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show?” Woof!


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Haiku deals with the subject of Autism up front and personal and not as a mere case number. A mother’s love, one sister’s struggle with doing what is right and another sister who may have a brilliant artist trapped inside her mind.

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