Patty Jean Robinson

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Originally from Hayward, CA, Patty has had the pleasure to produce and act in several webseries shows such as Pike and Trident, Becky and Kate: Works in Progress, Webseries Watch, and Awkward Embraces. The more she can combine adventure and play, the happier she is. She’s on a quest to find a new improv school, trains in theatrical combat, and is happily looking forward to getting on stage again in The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @pattyjrobinson.


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Inspired by her 'Tranny Godmother' Madonna, Trinity goes to battle with the ‘Self Rejection Virus’ in order to reclaim her authentic, female self. In the process, she risks losing her acting career and her secret lover –codenamed ‘James Franco,'