Matt Morillo

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All you need to know about Matt is that he was born in Queens, raised on the big, bad streets of Hicksville, Long Island, adopted by the Lower East Side and kidnapped by Culver City. You should also know Matt graduated from C.W. Post film school in 1999, and has written and directed three award winning films, produced seven short films, and two features. You should also know he then moved into the theater world and wrote the international cult hit “Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues,” followed that up with another international cult hit “All Aboard the Marriage Hearse”, followed that up with “American Soldiers” and followed that up with Edinburgh Fringe Festival award winner “The Inventor and The Escort.” You should also know Matt returned to the motion picture world by adapting “Angry Young Women…” into a hilarious web series which you can and should watch at You should also know you can find Matt on Facebook at and on Twitter @mattmorillo. Lastly, you should know that Matt is really attractive after a few drinks and his official website is

Comedy Play

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A modern British comedy play about settling old scores and finding true loves.

Sex Rated G by Lisa Verlo

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Sex Rated G is a personal trip across Hollywood’s unsettling salacious landscape. A sexual resume told with such candor that in the end SEX will no longer be a four-letter word.