Craig Shaynak

I caught the Fringe bug in 1989 when I performed in Edinburgh with “Off-Off Campus”, The University of Chicago’s improv and sketch comedy troupe. I have performed eight times in Edinburgh and cannot wait for the next festival! I have also “Fringed” in New York, Avignon, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brighton, and of course, HOLLYWOOD! I am dedicated to the Fringe idea and especially proud to have been part of the first, second and third Hollywood Fringes. I am super proud to have hosted the Hollywood Fringe awards ceremony in 2011! Thanks to Ben and Stacy and Dave and Kan and Abbie and Elizabeth!


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This workshop explores the concepts of the embodiment of the voice utilizing conscious breath, movement, relaxation, singing, and action in motion. This is an unique opportunity to expand your confidence and open up to your most intimate instrument.


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Get your FULL PRODUCTION in 4K or 1080 HQ video for only $150 a show (HFF17 Rate Only). 2 cameras with HQ sound using two onstage floor mics. Quick online digital delivery (or dump to your personal drive - optional).