Nina Rose Carlin

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Playwright, director, lover of all things theatre. Her new play, Black Widow Laughs, premieres at this summer’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. Burlesque, vampires, and everything sinister in between! Nina Rose Carlin is the Artistic Director of You Witch Productions.

“It is experimental, yet brilliant, witty yet dumb, fun yet heart warming. If you don’t see this show, then shame on you… Nina Carlin, in her cheerleader like frame is brave, and her and her wild and zany misfit cast are my new theater crush.” -Benny Lumpkins, official Fringe Review for her 2014 play When I Was Sacred

Follow her on instagram: @ninarosecarlin
and her production: @blackwidowlaughs


A 3527 m 9385129

Set against the backdrop of the Trojan War, Kassandra tells the timeless story of the struggle between men and women, the will of the masses and the individual, and the destructive force of war.

The Pre-Apocalyptic Musical Comedy

A 3953 m 4212088

Mabel and Arthur have a secret: there's only a month left before Earth might be destroyed by an asteroid. No better time to fall in love and go on adventures. But what if the world isn't ending?