Nikki Muller

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Nikki is a writer, actress, ukulele-playing comedienne who loves to sing opera, race triathlons and do Muay Thai. Previously in the Hollywood Fringe with the musicals Timeheart and Thug Tunnel which she helped cowrite, this year Nikki is debuting her first original work as a playwright with Definition of Man, which she wrote based on her workshops with costar and cocreator, Jason Rosario.

Nikki has an MFA in Acting from the American Repertory Theatre/Moscow Art Theatre School Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University, and a BA from Princeton University. She performs standup with her uke around town and semi-regularly self-produces online content for her youtube channel,

My Own Private River Phoenix

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How far would you go to meet your celebrity crush? What if he was dead? Ai moves to America to find River Phoenix. Struggling to survive, she tries to keep 3 promises she made to her father: No religion, No guns, No drugs.

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