Meghan McCarthy

Meghan McCarthy, is so excited to one of two Prop and Set Designers for Four Clowns’ original work of “Me Rich, You Learn”. After many years working in a variety of different theatrical settings, she decided to make a career in this exciting field. She is currently working on a Bachelors Degree in Technical Production with an emphasis in Set Design at Cal State Fullerton. Meghan would like to thank Fred for giving her this opportunity, her co-pilot Alex Giron, her parents for everything they have done, and to the rest of her family and friends for supporting her wherever her path leads.

Pea Harrison in, Fear & Blackberries

A 3516 m 4421872

The feel of a 70’s home, and a story about a straight-laced kid who signs a "Partnership for a Drug Free America" contract. One night that late bloomer is given an MDMA. It’s a story of control, propaganda, fear, friendship, and change.