Allison Powell

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Fun Facts About Me

■I grew up in North Carolina and spent 21 years in the same house in the woods

■ I have a love for research and have been lucky enough to present two of my research papers at national conferences ■ I’m an avid reader with interests spanning from the history of medicne and epidemology, to YA SciFi/Fantasy stories, to Murder Mystery novels ■ I love action films and would love to play a Bond girl one day.

Last two shows 6/21 and 6/23!.

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A guy walks into a bar...and might not walk back out.

WIGS - Two More Shows!! 6/23 & 6/25

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Two preteen girls locked in a room for years have invented coded languages and ritualistic acts to survive, appease their captor, and orchestrate their escape! Lindsay and Amanda play our heroines, AND they play the man who kidnapped them!