Michael Nankin

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Michael Nankin has been the director of such television shows as DEFIANCE, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CAPRICA, FLASHFORWARD, CSI, HELL ON WHEELS, ALPHAS, THE CAPE, LIE TO ME, TRAUMA, HEROES, TERMINATOR:THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, EUREKA, PICKET FENCES, COVER ME, ROAR, LIFE GOES ON…and many others you never heard of but there are a lot of them and he knows what he’s doing, so relax.

Black When I Was A Boy

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Cooper Bates’ coming of age, autobiographical recollection, of the extraordinary inner life of Frankie Bates emerging from childhood as he grows into a teenager on the streets of Hill City, Kansas in the 70’s and 80’s pop 1,500

FRAMES: Ensemble-devised in 7 days

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We live in frames, real or imagined. Do they frames offer something worthwhile or are we fated to rail against them? Our ensemble decided to fight and fall in love with our limits by creating a show in only 7 rehearsals.