Christopher Bearden

I am 23 years old. I am an actor. I attend Cal State Long Beach. I love to workout and watch movies and hang with friends. I am learning everyday. I am very energetic and happy and loud. I am six foot and 195 lbs. I BELIEVE THAT IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN THEN YOU WILL. #BELIEVEINBEARDEN. Enjoy the show and have some fun. Everything you do, say, or feel starts with a choice. Love y’all and come enjoy the festival.

See the final Ghost Show!

A 3897 m 6092683

A revival of the 1950s style “Ghost Show,” a horror comedy with spooky magic, a séance, & an immersive blackout sequence. 5 buck tickets for fringers & FREE for Volunteers. Final show Saturday June 23rd 11:55 pm!


A 4075 m 8581145

This workshop explores the concepts of the embodiment of the voice utilizing conscious breath, movement, relaxation, singing, and action in motion. This is an unique opportunity to expand your confidence and open up to your most intimate instrument.