Joshua Fardon


joshua fardon · June 16, 2013
An inventive and funny exploration of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof that focuses more on the relationship between Big Daddy and Brick than it does on Brick and Maggie's troubled marriage. At tmes the actors, who are all excellent, say more with a choreographed turn of the head than most playwrights can manage with an entire page. Some of the ideas are just brilliant, including Mae walking sideways on a wall as she's eavesdropping. While there's no substitute for Williams' drama undistilled, watching t... full review


joshua fardon · June 16, 2013
Funded primarily by passion and performed in a tiny space, Aperture is an inspiration. The acting is fluid and strong; the writing tight, smart, funny, daring and provocative. One hilarious line about boundaries will always stay with me. The play fits neatly into an hour and ends at just the right time. I predicted the big plot twist fairly early on, but its execution was handled so well it didn't bother me. I wish that Los Angeles had more of this kind of totally original, darkly experi... full review


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Written by the award winner of 2014 hit Angels and Whiskey and directed by Best Comedy for the DC Fringe winner Branda Lock, we finally answer the question: what happens to gods who have no believers left? Let There Be Thistles: An Ungodly Comedy.