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Okay, here are some of my favorite things to do: I like to write plays, noodle around with poetry, eat, walk my dog, Maud. At one time I liked to write sit-coms. Not so much any more. I prefer to sleep. Don’t watch award shows. Don’t eat out of a can. My favorite month is May. And my favorite guy is Mike.

blue night/perilous night: This poem/play/narrative is close to my heart. I stole the main character from another play of mine. She had a totally different personality. There, she was a good girl, always doing what she was told. Here, she is quite the opposite. The parents in this poem are based on my folks. Although my dad was a lot more chatty.

I do not own a .38 snubby. Or any firearm for that matter.

And that’s all I have to say, unless I think of more.

Godspeed, and enjoy the show.

Okay, an adult has asked me to add the following:

blue night/perilous night was written by former television writer/producer: me. That’s right! I used to be somebody!

Prior to my TV days, my plays, Flashpoint, and Dinner At Our House were produced in NY. Two subsequent plays, The Speed Of Light and Dark Forest were selected by The National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center as finalist and semi-finalist, respectively. My screenplay, Raggedy Devils, (written with a partner) was chosen as a finalist at the Sundance Institute.

Frankly, I’m way over the finalist bit.

blue night/perilous night is my first produced work in poetic form. I am also launching my directing and producing career with this piece. Yay!

And finally, I will be performing all twelve characters, as I am a former member of Actor’s Equity, SAG and AFTRA, and I want to get something for all the dues they sucked out of me.

And now, back to the show.


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