The Day I Became Black

kaitlin saltzman · June 11, 2018
This show floored me. It was incredible. ... full review

Stand Down the March

anonymous · June 11, 2018
Outstanding play! A smart piece - beautifully written and brought to life on the stage. Thought-provoking without losing levity The cast was spot on and the characters they played were multi-faceted and engaging. This nuanced script from Naomi Brodkin explored important questions and engaged the audience in grappling with current concepts of truth and morality. ... full review

Healing: After the Tragedy

katt balsan · June 11, 2018
A heartfelt story, touching with a happy ending!... full review

The People VS Hell Kross

nathaniel beaver · June 11, 2018
Rockin! Lots of fun! I thoroughly enjoyed this show. The whole cast was having a great time, and it allowed the audience to have a great time as well! Crazy, in your face, ridiculous, well written songs told the story of this political courtroom battle. ... full review

Vixen DeVille ReVealed

katt balsan · June 11, 2018
Loved it!!! Very empowering and inspiring. Cat reveals herself in a Docu-Cabaret style. And allows us in her biggest fears and how to overcome them!... full review

A Beast/A Burden

nathaniel beaver · June 11, 2018
What is art? A well done play incorporating drama & comedy, with great integration of video throughout. I didn't know about the artist, but I am now interested in his life story. The actors did a great job with fully realized characters and it was very moving.... full review


bethany vee · June 11, 2018
My overall impression is "holy hell." I knew the show was going to be entertaining and hilarious, but I wasn't prepared for how it would also affect me down to my core. Wholeheartedly, this is a show that shouldn't be missed. Nowhere does it fall flat. Sarah Rose Reynold's talents are mind boggling, but the way she tells her story keeps you so interested, that you almost forget it's only one human performing on the stage. I have never seen a live show that was equal parts hysterical and tragicall... full review

Movin' On Up

nathaniel beaver · June 11, 2018
The play opening with the main character waiting around a graveyard as the audience entered was a good way to begin the play. Jeffrey and the other actors did a great job with the complex and wordy script, which I can imagine was very difficult to memorize.... full review


anonymous · June 11, 2018
Wounded is an immaculately written play that explores how pain (physical and emotional), and the people who are living with those scars try and find reprieve or relief from them. Playwright Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm has created a wonderfully human, gut-wrenching script that grabs the audience by the belt-buckle and does not let them go until the final lights out.... full review

The Oz Monologues

nathaniel beaver · June 11, 2018
A beautiful show that incorporates great costumes, makeup, and acting with well produced and effective video projections. ... full review

Laertes Loves Hamlet Loves Ophelia

david lucarelli · June 11, 2018
What if Hamlet, Laertes, and Ophelia were all roommates in a modern day apartment? Then you'd have this clever, well acted dramadey, in which our trio have to deal with the pitfalls of modern life: a stuffed up toilet, losing electric power, etc. along with many of the problems of the original play.... full review

Vixen DeVille ReVealed

nathaniel beaver · June 11, 2018
I was impressed and engaged. This show was very heartfelt, honest, truthful, and funny among many other things. I liked the social comments that were made all throughout the show, but particularly the pictures on Instagram about what was acceptable and unacceptable about what she was allowed to post about herself.... full review


nathaniel beaver · June 11, 2018
I liked the sci-fi concept and the fish out of water story. I thought the characters and actors acted accordingly to the situation they were given. ... full review

Earth & Fire Walking (Tierra Y Fuego Que Camina)

jeff white · June 11, 2018
Such an amazing performance, so happy I went. Tomas and Gimena are incredibly creative and really put their heart and soul into every scene.The audience felt so much emotion and joy from both dancers, and with the evocative imagery and words on the movie screen it really highlighted some of the true essence and artistic history of Argentina. Can’t wait for them to create another show.... full review


rick creese · June 11, 2018
Ernest is one of the best writers and actors ever to appear at Fringe. This is the fourth of his plays which I've seen and as always it is a combination of intelligence and strong feelings. Intellectual and intuitive. Comic at times. Always interesting.... full review

Villain - An American Story

anonymous · June 11, 2018
My overall impression... An amazing message of the "boys in blue" stereotyping young black males with the assumption of ALL black men are in a gang or up to no good. In my opinion, the VILLAIN is individual ignorance in judging someone because of the color of their skin. Impressive Play...... full review

Mime Time with James Direct Presents: GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

adam dlugolecki · June 11, 2018
Very enjoyable. I laughed, had fun, and got to blow bubbles! ... full review

Hungry Bitch

paul hoan zeidler · June 11, 2018
Michael Mullen’s humor is so well pitched that it’s easy to imagine his best punchlines trending soon as hashtags.... full review

Bad Sponsor

anonymous · June 11, 2018
Full disclosure - I was a member of Rewrites, the writing group that first saw the script for Bad Sponsor. I remember an immediate sizzle from the concept the first time we read it, and I certainly enjoyed seeing it finally come to life on stage. I would love to express further praise for the material and its presentation, but my long involvement in many read-throughs would be apparent. Well done, my friends.... full review


carol browning · June 11, 2018
Well written, funny, heartfelt. Excellent cast, individually and together. Set worked very well for the space and timing.... full review

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