Fringe Awards Ceremony 2012

events & workshops · hollywood fringe · Ages 12+ · 90 mins · United States

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Join us for a celebration of all that’s excels in the festival as the nominees march down the red carpet on a path to Fringe glory. It’s also a fantastic, rowdy, irreverent fete to cheer everyone’s glories of the 11 days that precede it.

The event will be hosted by the effervescent Lyla KaRug and Special Programs Director Jon Armstrong.

The awards include:

  • Sponsored awards from Fringe partners
  • Community awards (the “freaks”) adjudicated by the Fringe Community
  • A final farewell from the Fringe Staff

Nominations for “The Freaks” to be announced June 24.

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A classical theater actor shares his repertoire of sonnets & verses with the poignant theme of time; literary works from the ancient past to now. Coalesce theatrical storytelling, music, video & movement for an intimate experience. At Hudson Guild

The Gentrification Cycle

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Blood. Hipsters. Chekhov. 2 plays by G.D. Kimble - an affluent couple discovers a landscape of magical manifest destiny: the inner city and we discover Chekhov's 3 sisters in a morphine and vodka fueled epilogue where everything is going to change.