Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America: The Musical

comedy · natasha mail order bride llc. · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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Review by anonymous

My overall impression

I saw "Natasha last night and woke up still smiling. The show is so funny——I must have laughed 40 times! The concept of a citizen of “Crapistan” coming to America to find success as an actress on the American “red carpet” is truly original. Brooke Forbes has created a unique and zany character in Natasha; she plays this “larger than life” role in a modern-day, Lucille Ball fashion. Watching Brooke deftly reach for the concealed knives in her dress, speak in the totally made-up Crapistani language, and strut on the red carpet with her pet rooster are hilarious moments in the production. The musical numbers are well-choreographed and the original tunes and lyrics are catchy and memorable. Kate Bowman is hysterical as the uni-browed Svetlana, who powerfully belts out some wonderful notes in her strong and melodic voice, and delivers one funny line after another as Natasha’s best friend. Kate’s “Borat-like” Svetlana is perfectly ridiculous and not to be missed. Kristin Boule’s direction keeps the audience fully engaged throughout the play, without a wasted moment—-the background video scenes are really well-synchronized with the acting on stage. I giggled watching the singers and dancers in the last number, “Go, Natasha, Go”, with their utterly wacky “line-dance” moves. Bravo for this thoroughly creative little comedy!

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