Actors Circle Ensemble presents: The Indian Wants the Bronx

theatre · actors circle ensemble · Ages 13+ · 90 mins · United States

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My overall impression

The violence lying underneath every line and every action in this play made it exciting to watch. You always knew that no matter how calm the scene may be, an explosion was right underneath the surface.

I’ll admit that I’m not someone who loves unending tension in a play. I don’t like being uncomfortable in anticipation of bad things happening. However, I had no choice but to love this performance. Yes, I still felt anxious and uneasy, but that’s what the play was meant to do. The actors were outstanding in making me believe in the story, but also in letting out little hints about the characters that weren’t dictated by the script. I really thought that if I met the actors outside the theatre, they’d still be in character. That amount of submersion into character is commendable.

I was particularly fond of Gupta, since he had to deliver his character with almost no dialogue. I was very impressed and would love to see him in other roles.

The fight scenes with Joey and Murph were well acted. I loved the underlying competition between them, reminiscent of little boys who haven’t determined who’s the strongest yet. That immaturity made them slightly endearing, but a bit more pathetic and worth disdain as well.

Go see this play! The venue, the lighting and the large stage all definitely add to the performance as well.

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