The Divine Madness of Isabella

solo performance · theatre unleashed & mad magpie · Ages 13+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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TRACEY COLLINS · June 21, 2012
This show is just plain awesome. Smart, funny, creative and artistic. If you like Theatre, then this is the show to see.... full review

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MICAH COVER · June 09, 2012
The Divine Madness of Isabella is one of the most unique theatrical experiences in the Hollywood area - or any other, for that matter. Using first person narrative, masks, costumes, a number of backstage coconspirators, a sometimes shattered fourth wall and a small army of puppets, writer and actress Wendy Gough brings to life a little-known era in theatrical history through a little-known luminary from that world. As Shakespeare's brilliance has dimmed to the eyes of history all other celebrities from that time, I'm grateful Miss Gough has brought to light to a modern audience the story of what may be one of the first true female superstars in European Renaissance theater. With a flawless performance blending talent, masks (which she... full review

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DARCI DIXON · June 14, 2012
This one woman show is amazing! Not a second did my attention leave Wendy (Isabella) as she was captivating and so dynamic. All of her characters were so unique and very distinguishable and I loved the story she told. What a bold move for an actor to make. Just you....up there telling a story. I was highly impressed and I very much recommend seeing this piece!... full review

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ANONYMOUS · June 19, 2012
A rare find - artful and entertaining. This is the kind of show you could see over and over, discovering something new each time. Loved it!!... full review

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