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The story of “Face the City” is set in the High School, College and the early professional lives of four friends (The Painter, The Composer, The Journalist, and The Performer) who begin with a shared dream of artistic invincibility. When one of them decides to take his own life, his pathway to destruction is explored by The Performer who is forced to come to terms with loss, compromise, and finally escape from his own false dreams as he discovers himself walking down a similar road. Integrating Rock, Theater, and Audio Visual Live Action & Animation in an unparalleled theatrical presentation,“Face the City” is an honest, often hilarious, true story about redemption and the recapturing of innocence in a society that so readily tries to define who you are.

-“A theatrical affirmation of life”—
Colorado Springs Independent

-“‘Face the City’ delivers. Truly radical.”
-Ronnie Austin, DJ, KEPC Radio, 89.7 Colorado Springs

-“Jesse Wilson is in the tradition of great performance artists, but I defy you to find anyone who does quite what he does, or with nearly as much bravery. With his extreme-risk-taking-approach, he makes John Leguizamo look buttoned-up and Henry Rollins look timid.”
—Christopher Goffard, novelist, “Snitch Jacket”

-“Our students were incredibly inspired by ‘Face the City.’ They experienced art and expression in a completely different way! What Jesse Wilson brings to the stage introduced some of our most visually talented and focused youth to a new form of self-expression which has made them richer as artists and people."—Amber Cote, FutureSelf (an “at risk” arts program funded by Colorado arts organizations)

- “’Face the City’”—the writing, the performing, and the accompanying score is really a fascinating piece. It has such passion, conviction, muscle and deeply moving poetic language. I hope this explodes beyond Colorado Springs. It is deserving.”— Craig Slaight, Associate Artistic Director, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco -“’Face the City’ is an inspired and riveting culmination of Jesse Wilson’s extraordinary creative gifts.” —Robert Cottingham, American Photorealist Painter


The Ruby Theatre at THE COMPLEX, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90038
June 17-19, 2010. 17th, 7:30 pm, 18th, 7:30 pm, 19th, 4:OO pm matinee & 7:30 evening show
Running Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Tickets: $15— being sold May 1st through the Hollywood Fringe Festival

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producers jesse wilson/ eric long


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