Camp Fringe: A 24-Hour Theatre Show

events & workshops · theatre unleashed · world premiere · 90 mins · United States of America

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Join Theatre Unleashed in celebrating “summer camp” for theatre artists, or what we call Hollywood Fringe. The company is hosting one of its wildly popular 24-hour theatre events with participants from several other shows and theatre companies seen around the festival. The evening before the show, writers will be given a random prompt related to the theme of summer camp. They are then given a single night to write a short play based on that prompt. Their play will immediately be handed over to a director and a few actors who have only that morning and afternoon to produce their piece. Theatre Unleashed will then stage the end results that night in a special production called Camp Fringe.

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The Meatball Chronicles

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Broadwater Second Stage "Well written...beautifully played...powerful and riveting" Ron Bloomberg,writer (All In the Family) Special Event Option June 9 show/lunch at Hunter and Charlie's~ benefit for LA FoodBank- use discount code