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June 02, 2018

Lloyd J Schwartz Presents a Fresh Comedy for FRINGE!

Scalawag Productions presents Lloyd J. Schwartz’s production of BUY ONE, GET TWO FREE, premiering at The Hollywood Fringe Festival for 5 shows only!

Schwartz, renowned for his early work as writer/producer of TV classics BRADY BUNCH and GILLIGAN’S ISLAND has recently turned his talents to creating this delightful ensemble comedy featuring 3 scenes that hit on bad audience etiquette, King Kong, and even the Hollywood Fringe itself. This is Schwartz’s follow up to last year’s Fringe hit AN EVENING WITH JOHN WILKES BOOTH. Schwartz’s change of pace this year points to his motto…”comedy is just tragedy turned upside down.”

The multi-award winning cast includes Jeanine Anderson, Kathie Barnes*, Anne Leyden*, Barbra Mallory*, Lindsay Ravage, Bill Sehres and Stephen Spiegel. The production is produced by Theatre Planners Tours.

Though a prolific writer/producer in TV and movies (BRADY BUNCH, GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, etc. etc.), Lloyd is proudest of


Only 2 Shows Left!! Don't miss it!

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Final two shows! Sat at 7pm, Sun at 3pm

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