Cowboy Mouth

ensemble theatre · j.bothwell productions · Ages 16+ · 1hr · United States of America

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Written by Sam Shepherd and Patti Smith, “Cowboy Mouth” is an intimate and salacious look into the lives of leads, Slim and Cavale, two artists that are coming to terms with a dream deferred. Set in 1970, together, Sam and Cavale hole up in a small motel room, feeding off each other’s artistic desires and deep insecurities. Living in lust and a constant state of unrest, these two characters battle with difficult decisions, emotional and mental stability, and ultimately, discovering what truly fuels and defines them. Wrought by symbolism and abstract theories, “Cowboy Mouth” showcases the adverse effects of the American Dream.

production team

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joey bothwell

producer // cavale
U 45042 t 8063427

neely shamam

U 99515 t 5308615
U 99516 t 6148684

emma harris

associate producer
U 99517 t 3189683

justin gunn

puppet master
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cameron barnes

lobster man

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