What Went Wrong

immersive theatre · shinbone theatre company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 25 mins · United States of America

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MICAH COVER certified reviewer · June 03, 2018
Melding immersive theater with immersive technology, What Went Wrong creates something brand new and unforgettable. I can't give away too much here (the ending alone was shocking and worth the price of admission), but I can say the premise, the casting, the acting, the use of VR, the surprises - all of it were done flawlessly. And since this may very well be the way we view relationships in the future, WWW has their finger on the pulse of something very real - and very disturbing. This was my first HFF'18, and everyone else will have a tough time coming close to the storytelling brilliance of WWW. Well done!... full review

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ASHLEY STEED certified reviewer · June 10, 2018
Really simple and well executed concept - My husband and I love judging other people's relationship so we both thoroughly enjoyed this piece. ... full review
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STEPY KAMEI certified reviewer · June 09, 2018
This was such a fun show! The concept is very relatable so you’ll get drawn in easily. It’s such an interesting and well-done blend of immersive performance, improv, and VR. I definitely recommend it!... full review
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MICHAEL FONTAINE my haunt life · June 14, 2018
Closure Inc. is a new start up company that can help you figure out “what went wrong” in your relationships. The case study we were in was about Shelby and Nick. We were given their memories to view and then filled out questionnaires and discussed the moments from their relationship we were seeing. I loved this show and would love to see more shows that combine different styles, genres, and unexpectedness into an immersive piece.... full review

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JEFF CROCKER certified reviewer · June 09, 2018
"What Went Wrong" is an excellent immersive experience. The whole thing from walk-up to walk-out is interesting and engaging. The audience is given great agency in the story, the technology utilized is a tool to tell the story, the twists are thrilling, and the running time is perfect.... full review
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LACEY RAE PAWLOWICZ media-geeks.com · June 04, 2018
I really enjoyed the show and was actually hoping for more memories to view. It's very interesting how other people interpret the same set of memories (or opposite memories) based on their personal experiences. It's a fascinating concept which I would love to see more of!... full review
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LAURA WILEY certified reviewer · June 04, 2018
Really cool!!!! I loved the virtual reality experience, definitely something I’ve never done before! I recommend it highly. The concept of the show was highly original and I would see it again! ... full review
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 04, 2018
This was a great show! The immersive experience started the moment I arrived and never broke. It's a clever concept and the writing is sharp. All of the actors were great, but I especially enjoyed Nick :) ... full review
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GREGORY MARCONI certified reviewer · June 03, 2018
I saw three Fringe shows on the first Saturday, and this one was the best. Fun and surprising. Definitely immersive. You are the ONLY audience member in each show. You will start your adventure on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Gramercy Place, just east of the Hollywood Fwy. ... full review
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 11, 2018
Such a clever and fun way to remind us of how unreliable our memories can be at times. ... full review

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