ensemble theatre · gloss · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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Set in a city like Oakland, SWEET CHILD tells the story of Krystal, a girl who lives in poverty with her younger brother, Benni. Abandoned by their drug addict mother, Janelle, Krys projects all her love onto the memory of her absent father whom she talks to through a shrine. Believing that his absence is due to military involvement, Krys plans to enlist to find him on her 18th birthday- only five days away. However, the arrival of Jonathan, a mysterious soldier, her renewed friendship with Mireya, a co-worker at the boxing ring where Benni fights, and Benni’s strange behavior- throw Krys’ militant lifestyle into chaos. Under the time bomb of Janelle’s ominous homecoming, Krys and Benni must come together and face the painful lies in their family’s history, or continue to live alone in the comfort of fantasy.

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taylor greenthal


Baba, Jee (Father, Yes)

A 4016 m 3101542

Maria lives in NYC with her boyfriend Dave. On the eve of Hurricane Sandy, her father (Baba) comes to visit from Pakistan. Trapped inside, Maria, Dave, and Baba must confront their differing views on culture, love, and belonging. PREVIEW June 4 @ 7pm

The Word

A 3998 m 907582

When Rev. Johnson, pastor of The First Church of the Holy Homeboy, writes a recommendation letter that sets LeShaun free, it sends the two on a collision course of comedy. Join us for the happy hour service where redemption is served with a 2 for 1.