Gun and a Motel Bible

ensemble theatre · safety patrol theatre · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 50 mins · United States of America

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Pete’s got a gun, and he’s ready to use it. He checks into his motel room… only to find Gideon, the chatty bible on the bedside table.

Gideon (being, ya know, a bible) doesn’t get out much. Still, he has plenty to say… much to Pete’s annoyance.

As ideas about morality, the Bible, and God fly, the clock ticks. Gideon and Pete spar and bond as they are forced to deal with their inadequacies. Unfortunately, time is short…

Can Gideon sway Pete before Pete pulls the trigger?

Loosely inspired by “Rocky Raccoon” by The Beatles, and “Freud’s Last Session” by Mark St. Germain

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