The City Underneath

solo performance · delirious machines productions · Ages 18+ · one person show · 55 mins · United States of America

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Wander the alleyways of time and history as your homeless tour guide excavates the forgotten stories of downtown Los Angeles. Shifting identities and perspectives, The City Underneath is about what happens when we try to hide unpleasant realities beneath shiny surfaces.

Evan Lorenzetti had never thought of doing solo work before attending a workshop during last year’s Fringe Festival. The piece was inspired by the extreme contrasts present within a rapidly gentrifying downtown Los Angeles, with Skid Row just around the corner from expensive lofts and new cafes. Marrying interviews in the street with historical research, The City Underneath also explores mental illness and other things we prefer left unseen.

A shorter version of the show premiered last July at the Son of Semele Ensemble’s Solo Creation Festival. The show was developed in collaboration with Jessica Lynn Johnson, who has directed multiple solo shows at the Fringe and was one of the panelists at the Solo Performance Workshop that started this journey.

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