comedy · nina concepcion · Ages 15+ · United States of America

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When Chad Thack is found brutally murdered in the Thinnerdale reservoir…nobody really cares. Until the plans to build a TGIFridays were found in his back pocket, revealing mysteries even more terrifying than bloodshed…the plan to turn Thinnerdale into a suburban town crawling with franchises and spread-out parking lots. Thinnerdale teens dream team Mary-Sue Smithies (the bookish goody-good that can still fuck like HELL), Jesse Leggy (the handsome illiterate quarterback…seriously, how is he still in school?), Candy Leggy (the school’s ruthless queen bee that will stop at NOTHING to get what she wants, which is to fuck her hot twin brother, Jesse), and Dankston Lutt (the town’s bad boy who secretly dreams of being an artisanal cheese chef), decide if the adults of their town aren’t going to take the TGIF plans seriously, THEY WILL. They make a pact to solve the mystery of just WHO plans to build a TGIFridays.

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From Argentina to Los Angeles...

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International tango stars Tomas and Gimena weave a tale of love and romance told entirely through the language of tango.

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