Beauty in the Breakdown

solo performance · hurricane carter productions · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States of America

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“Beauty and the Breakdown” is a comedic solo show that follows the real life adventures of the relentlessly optimistic and ambitious Adrienne Carter, as she charms and smizes her way to become Miss Black Teen Texas. While a naive Yale undergrad, Adrienne learns the hard way in a semester abroad in Madrid that “no,” apparently doesn’t mean “no” in every language. As a Yale MFA acting student who revels in Chekhov and Shakespeare, Adrienne is surprised upon graduation when the industry just offers roles as crackheads. Decidedly undeterred, Adrienne becomes a TV comedy writer, and is shocked by the dirty politics of the writer’s room. When she gets divorced and moves back into her Houston, Texas childhood bedroom with her two year old daughter, Adrienne finally learns that failure can be the perfect character builder.

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