Room No. 9 at the Chrysalis Inn

ensemble theatre · ratheatre | kelleygirl planet · Ages 17+ · world premiere · 30 mins · United States of America

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moving and truthful · inspirational · multimedia · performance art · poetry · uplifting
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STEVE BENAQUIST certified reviewer · June 17, 2018
I loved this show! The concept, the staging, the execution -- to be specific, Butterfly's live performance (and her intriguing live host/narrator), and the video and recorded presences as well. Without spoiling the show, suffice it to say there is good reason for them not to be performed live. This show deals with grief, anger -- dark emotions -- in a way that is honest and uplifting, not pat or out of a Hallmark card. See it for its value as theater, and be rewarded with perspective on life.... full review
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BRITTANY STAHL certified reviewer · June 14, 2018
The show was powerful in its brevity. Bold and intense.... full review

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KELLEY NICOLE · June 12, 2018
I could very much relate to the themes set forth in Room No. 9 at the Chrysalis Inn. I appreciate the bravery of K Butterfly to be vulnerable enough to share the many dimensions of her story. At certain moments I got goosebumps as I could see the elements of her transformation unfold. ... full review

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ANONYMOUS · June 03, 2018
I’m glad I went. ... full review
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ANONYMOUS · June 05, 2018
Great show. Very Empowering.... full review

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BILL BERRY certified reviewer · June 09, 2018
Bravo! The show is an arresting portrayal of a woman on the brink, with the clash of good and evil memories playing a tug-of-war with her psyche. A deeply personal study of a person trying to break free of her past. Ms. Smith was as fragile as a dried leaf but held fast throughout. I cared so much for her. The villains of the show were brutal and fierce. The angels were funny, caring, real, and reminded me of people in my own life. Room No. 9 at the Chrysalis Inn serves up tragedy and hope in equal helpings. ... full review

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JAMES ROYCE certified reviewer · June 09, 2018
tagged as: multimedia · performance art · poetry
Butterfly, through performance, voice over and video, takes us on a short journey of a woman who wakes up to her grandmothers' voices in a room, which is actually her subconscious. She deals with her past, her fear, her anger and ultimately conquers them. ... full review

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KATE MOTZENBACKER certified reviewer · June 10, 2018
This is a heartfelt and clearly personal piece with an engaging performance at its center. ... full review

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KATT BALSAN certified reviewer · June 11, 2018
Wow!!! What an outstanding performance from Kelley!!! It's a tough story with a happy ending. I really enjoyed this show! Congratulations... full review

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