Trafficked 2.0

dance & physical theatre · the catalyst · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 40 mins · United States of America

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Trafficked 2.0 tells a story that occurs much too often and told not nearly enough. On her 13th birthday, a young girl is kidnapped and sold into the horrors of sex trafficking. While in containment, she meets a young woman who has been there for a long while. They form a special bond until tragedy strikes and they are separated from each other. Trafficked 2.0 is a show that interweaves Thai, Spanish, and English throughout the show and utilizes the expressive movements of the body to represent a story that forces audiences to acknowledge the awful operations that are going on right under their noses, in their countries, in their neighborhoods, by people that they know. It is a powerful, informative, call to action in the most beautiful and heartbreaking way.

production team

U 97444 t 3376304
U 97782 t 2453930

sarai ford

assistant director
U 97797 t 6500717

maddie martin

asst. choreographer
U 76458 t 2552271

austin jiang

asst. choreographer
U 98414 t 6244638

verenice zuniga

mom / gabriella
U 98415 t 977597

tim baran

bidder #1
U 98416 t 7135764

daniel spero

bidder #2
U 98417 t 3299632

ramon garcia

bidder #3
U 98418 t 7298788

cat elgarrista

costume designer
U 98419 t 6252997

andio manguray

house manager
U 98420 t 6029753

james ventura

co-poster designer
U 98421 t 3462813

camille wong

co-poster designer
U 98422 t 7217161

jessica peters

copy editor / programs
U 98423 t 575376

aaron alvarado

art editor
U 63819 t 8968595

zachary johnson-dunlop *

lighting designer
U 6567 t 9157577

erin moore *

stage manager

* Fringe Veteran

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