Fort Huachuca

ensemble theatre · ailema sousa · Ages 14+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

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World War II. Arizona. African American nurses arrive on an army base camp. Join Mayvee, Marjorie, Georgia, Elinor, and Thelma on their journey as they face the biggest challenge of their lives. Inequality, growing racial tension and a society that does not acknowledge their efforts, when all they want is to fight for their country.

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production team

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ailema sousa

writer, producer & cast member
U 97788 t 9723024

nicole sousa

producer & cast member
U 97962 t 3669184

natalia elizabeth

producer & cast member
U 97992 t 6835658

charles nkrumah jr

cast member
U 97994 t 6587067

benjamin colbourne

cast member
U 98056 t 2961349

ashlee olivia jones

cast member
U 98295 t 6372215

resheda d. terry

cast member
U 99509 t 6117440

amen igbinosun

U 8937 t 3998768

darnell williams *

cast member

* Fringe Veteran

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