Old Frenemies

comedy · bain productions inc. · Ages 15+ · world premiere · 90 mins · United States of America

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SYNOPSIS of Old Frenemies by Wendy Meredith Bain
Charlotte’s wildlife documentary-maker husband, Duncan, has to take her on a job with him filming red squirrels in North Wales. He doesn’t want her to come with him, but she’s scared after they had an intruder in their house in London and insists that he takes her with him.

The BBC rent Duncan a cottage in the rural countryside in Wales. It is owned by Charlotte’s old nemesis Lesley, whom she hasn’t seen in thirty years. Lesley stole Gethin, Charlotte’s childhood sweetheart away from her. She doesn’t know Lesley and Gethin own the farm where the cottage is and she never wanted to see either of them again.

Lesley’s and Gethin’s children have left home and she wants to build holiday cottages all over the farm and wants the scenic land the red squirrels live on for this. Gethin has said no to the idea. He loves his farm and especially the red squirrels. Lesley goes behind his back to arrange to cut the squirrels’ trees down. He’s angry and tired of Lesley’s aspirations and manipulations. He’s delighted to see Charlotte again.

Duncan and Charlotte are having marriage problems. They fight and she leaves. Duncan’s lover arrives at the cottage. Charlotte comes back and Duncan’s lover has to hide in the kitchen cupboard. Lesley and Gethin arrive shortly afterwards. Old and new secrets unravel about who did what to whom? Ending with some hilarious revelations and proving the old adage ‘it’s never too late’.

production team

U 80263 t 8935450

wendy bain

writer and charlotte
U 98043 t 1937352
U 98541 t 9216147

sam bain

executive producer
U 98542 t 5731415
U 98544 t 2153120
U 98545 t 462172

richard rennie

U 77910 t 2785051

spencer saccoman

production manager
U 100817 t 6283981

lisa gorgin


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