Fringe Awards Ceremony 2017

events & workshops · hollywood fringe festival · Ages 1+ · United States of America

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Join us for a celebration of all that’s excelled in the festival as the nominees march down the red carpet on a path to Fringe glory.

The Award Ceremony is held at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre (1615 Vine St.). Doors at 6 pm. Awards begin at 6:30 pm. All ages welcome.

Official Closing Night Party to be held at Fringe Central after the awards.

Come and say goodbye to a great year with us!

Produced at The Montalbán. The use of cameras, videos or other recording devices in the Theatre by patrons and their guests is strictly prohibited. There is NO SMOKING in the theatre.

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* Fringe Veteran

Comedy Play

A 3520 m 2572687

A modern British comedy play about settling old scores and finding true loves.

Sex Rated G by Lisa Verlo

A 3519 m 7875847

Sex Rated G is a personal trip across Hollywood’s unsettling salacious landscape. A sexual resume told with such candor that in the end SEX will no longer be a four-letter word.