Fringe Prom 2017

events & workshops · hollywood fringe festival · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · United States of America

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Ever dreamt about re-doing your prom, but with a way better theme and adults instead of teenagers? It’s time for you to make that dream come to life!

This year’s Fringe prom theme, as chosen by the #hff17 community, is SPACE!

Live Band Karaoke maestros The Moon Units return to Fringe Central for another action-packed year. The Units have been part of Hollywood Fringe every year since its inception, playing live karaoke, accompanying the Fringe Awards, and serving as the house band for the award-winning Lost Moon Radio comedy group. They have well over 300 songs for you to sing and are ready to rock out at a moment’s notice.

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This Saturday and Sunday only, use code “Cosmos” to unlock half price tickets. Our ensemble decided to fight and fall in love with our limits by creating a show in only 7 rehearsals.

The TVolution Congratulates All Fringers

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Supporting Hollywood Fringe One Show at a Time! Dedicated to the Los Angeles Arts & Entertainment Beat. We see as many shows as possible. Visit for TVolution Award Winners as the Fringe rolls out!