musicals and operas · hennessey productions · Ages 2+ · family friendly · world premiere · 50 mins · United States of America

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When a Mysterious and Magical “GIFT” arrives at the Kookie Clubhouse Kingdom, all of it’s residents are both excited, confused, irratated and a little scared. Not knowing where it came from and what’s going to happen next brings more mystery as the audience helps them figure out which one of our characters will be recieving this Magical ‘gift’. As transformations take place throughout the show of some of the characters, the children and those in the Kingdom learn that these transformations and ‘differences’ truly are “Gifts” to make their Kingdom an even better place to live. Throughout the show there are mysteries to solve, “Who’s it gonna be?”, Crafts to make for our Animal Parades, Dances and songs from other Lands and Magic to behold (from our very own Wizard) Our Multi-Cultural Kingdom includes the King (Austrialian), the Queen (from India), the Prince (South Aftrican), The Princess (Asian), The Jesters 1 & 2 (from North and South America) the Nanny (from England), and the Wizard (we think from the Artic).

production team

U 79014 t 7397092

michael hennessey

playwright/director/producer/actor-jester #1/wolfie
U 79319 t 9863543

bob burlingham

executive producer
U 79320 t 4020642

laurie grant

musical director
U 80544 t 2817568

anthony robert beechler

associate producer/actor/jester #2/wolfie
U 80794 t 9608208

sheena metal

U 80796 t 152812

brian smith

U 80798 t 9737069

jim todd

U 37667 t 3532457

abbe rowlins

U 80797 t 2909474

tracy martin

U 80799 t 2626191

jeremiah caleb

U 80801 t 3927449

victoria lee smith

U 80804 t 7582395

daniel garza

U 80805 t 1461525

ekaterina pagova

U 80808 t 1289264

stephanie rose

U 80809 t 1289256

james calixte

U 80807 t 6922672

jonny avila

U 79475 t 8332950

karlie blair

jester #1/honey

L O N G H O R N S: a one-act play

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