Fire & Light

immersive theatre · firelight collective · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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If you missed the critically acclaimed “Firelight” you now have a chance to get a taste of “Fire” & "Light.” Two 20min tales of love and loss, touching on our past, present and future. Join us on this adventure into the unknown.
Come find us at these two venues during the Hollywood Fringe Festival – “Fire” at Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre and “Light” at The Annex at the Underground.

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“Sometimes love is fleeting, sometime it is bright, and sometimes it hurts. But it’s all love. And that’s what Firelight accomplishes so powerfully; it makes the audience feel what it is to love. This is a beautiful tapestry made up of individual stories that each make you feel something different and reinforced by gorgeous sets and strong acting. Firelight is not a show to be missed. If you like immersive theater, love, or feeling something strongly, then check out this show. Drinks are on them!”

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“Love, at times, is magical. Moments of passion, doubt, bravado, lust, and joy can combine into a giddy stew of emotion. Firelight is a show that captures all those levels of intensity, creating wondrously intense scenes and deeply touching moments….If you want to get all flowery, I guess you could say that Firelight transports you to another world. To be honest, that sounds too simple. "

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“The overriding message I received from this experience was that life is never perfect but embrace it fully for that is in the end all we have imperfections and all….
Firelight is something very much worth experiencing.

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“In this immersive journey, I feel like I’ve experienced a dream and come out a changed person.”

“Firelight, beautiful and moving, another spectacular creation”

“Sexy, Riveting, Mysterious”

“Once is not enough… I want to come back again and again”

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* Fringe Veteran

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