Narcissus & Echo

mount olympus · Ages 13+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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Winner: ENCORE! Producer’s Award
Nominee: Cherry Poppin’s, Cherry Picks: Ripest Show
Nominee: The Duende Distinction Award
Nominee: The Fringe First Award
Nominee: Fringe Award for Musicals and Operas

Narcissus & Echo is a dark comedy exploring the water shortage through music, movement, and Greek mythology. It is an original script by Elizabeth Lanier that was developed in collaboration with the current cast for the upcoming Hollywood Fringe Festival. This collaboration resulted in the creation of original music by Ian Michaels and Jetta Juriansz. This production features a fantastic ensemble of physical actors and musicians.

ENOCORE! Performances at The Complex, The Ruby Theatre:
Thursday 7/20 @ 8:30pm
Friday 7/21 @ 9:00pm
Thursday 7/27 @ 8:30pm
Friday 7/28 @ 9:00pm
Saturday 7/29 @ 5:00pm & 8:30pm

Cast (in order of appearance):
Hera…………….Alexa Giuffre
Zeus…………….Rishi Arya
Tiresias………..James Ferrero*
Narcissus……..Ben Horwitz
Amenius……….David Dimitruk
Echo…………….Jetta Juriansz
Liriope…………..Tessie Barresi
Grace……………Jenapher Zheng
Daphne…………Charlotte Williams
Hyacinth………..Shayna Jackson
Accompanist…..Ian Michaels

*Member of Actor’s Equity Association

Written and Directed by: Elizabeth Lanier
Music by: Ian Michaels & Jetta Juriansz
Assistant Director: Tessie Barresi
Musical Director: Ian Michaels

Producers: Elizabeth Lanier, Ben Horwitz, James Ferrero, Tessie Barresi
Associate Producers: Briana McLean, Jetta Juriansz

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production team

U 78532 t 9356483

elizabeth lanier *

writer/ director/ producer
U 79025 t 1848468

ben horwitz *

narcissus/ producer
U 18023 t 3420006

james ferrero *

tiresias/ producer
U 85900 t 2651547

jenapher zheng *

U 85903 t 4316134

shayna jackson *

U 23731 t 2778812

alexa giuffre *

U 66003 t 4890811

rishi arya *

U 85905 t 2957545

david dimitruk *

U 85906 t 3533386
U 85901 t 7325267
U 85907 t 6260902

briana mclean *

associate producer
U 85910 t 3581894

ian michaels *

music director/ accompanist
U 97956 t 2565697

tessie barresi *


* Fringe Veteran


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