Trump in Space- The Musical

musicals and operas · texpat productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Star Trek meets Avenue Q meets Star Wars meets Trump, is battle of good vs bad, ideals vs opportunism, Trump vs Trump, plus music. 400 years in the future, the fallout of the Trump administration has left humans stranded in search of a new planet.

An epic musical space adventure filled with all the sci-fi tropes we love and all the politics we love to hate. We follow Capt. Natasha Trump, a direct descendant from President Donald J. Trump, in her race to find humanity a new planet. Due to crazy Trump shit, the earth blew up. Love lost and love won, this story is every space adventure you know, just with more jokes and incredibly well written music.

June 3rd @ 10p (Sold Out)*
June 16th @ 11:30p (Dang Full Y’all)
June 17th @ 5:30p (Sold Out)*
June 23rd @ 8:30p (Sold Out)*
June 24th @ 5:30p (Sold Out!)*
July 15th @ 5:30p ENCORE

*Unclaimed tickets will be released at the time of the show. If you are late your tickets will be released to the wait list. Parking is street only and can be tricky. Arrive early. There is a paid parking ramp at Target if you need it.

production team

U 14990 t 5486351

gillian bellinger *

writer/producer/capt. trump
U 78974 t 6745157

landon kirksey *

producer/writer/lt. josh
U 64187 t 9139356

jim shipley *

U 23738 t 2000375

annabeth rickley *

U 80077 t 8380144

kevin gardner *

U 13203 t 9768686

don schlossman *

the voice of the executive
U 76095 t 71805

cj leavens *

assistant director
U 46783 t 3161535

sam johnides *

U 47530 t 4492290

tony gonzalez *

U 80222 t 5578716

niki bittogrino *

U 80234 t 9083481

muriel montgomery *

boy girl clinton
U 80359 t 6995994

matt zettell *

U 80120 t 154874
U 12279 t 4697962

rachel boller *

U 80516 t 8621617

carrie long *


* Fringe Veteran

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