Titus Sharkdronicus

comedy · not applicable · Ages 13+ · 1hr · United States of America

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In 2014, Fiona Austin was subjected to a screening of the utterly ridiculous movie Sharknado. Once she recovered, she was inspired to take the trendy shark obsession and merge it with what is arguably Shakespeare’s bloodiest, most violent tragedy (Titus Andronicus). The result? A rowdy farce, complete with a delusional sea captain, a gruesome shark attack, and a manipulative sea witch, entitled: Titus Sharkdronicus (a Willchum Sharkspeare production).

production team

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ashley marquand

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fiona austin

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sean scofield

titus andronicus
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jo mclachlan

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cat larkin

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alex shewchuk

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kevin alai

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mike austin

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eduardo mora

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