! Death 40-Feet Tall !

theatre · psychokitty productions · Ages 10+ · family friendly · one person show · United States

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DONALD SHEPARD · June 23, 2011
Captivating and heartfelt storyteller that weaves her love of sci-fi into a poignant story involving friendship and truths that we all should remember. Funny and touching. A really well-spent hour. GO to see this show!... full review

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Pamela Noles can tell a good story. Her love of geek-dom, friends and the pureness of experiencing life for all it's worth make for some great stories and she tells them very very very well. There is - and I am not exaggerating - action, adventure, defeat, risks, triumph, love, friends...I can't even remember it all. Noles is passionate and engaging, drawing everyone into her world whether they relate to being a geek or not. ! Death at 40 Feet Tall ! is an experience to remember.... full review

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LINDA DOMINIC ASHE · June 23, 2011
What a storyteller. Her enthusiasm, earnest-ness, and unapologetic sincerity is rare and beautiful to behold and she swept the whole room up into her tale within the first few minutes. Probably the highest compliment is that she kept my very restless husband entertained and fidget-free for the whole show. I'll be on the look out for whatever she's doing next.... full review

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THEATRE UNLEASHED certified reviewer · June 17, 2011
Earnest, heartfelt and completely, unapologetically sincere, Pam Noles' '! Death 40-Feet Tall !' is a beautiful story that isn't just for geeks. Sure, there's lots of talk about Buckaroo Banzai, Autobots, GI Joe and why no one cares that Aquaman rules over 75% of the earth, but it's presented in a fashion that is both appeasing to geeks and inclusive to the uninitiated - not an easy accomplishment. What's more striking is the beautiful message of what it truly means to find your All-Spark and become a Prime that she manages to skillfully weave into her tale without drubbing her audience over the head with it. You may not know what that means right now, but do yourself a favor - GO to this show and find. Run to it. Run like giant robots are c... full review

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DAVID WISEHART certified reviewer · June 24, 2011
This is a wonderful, funny, and poignant ode to unapologetic geekery. Pam's writing is sharp, focused, and specific. Her performance is lively and engaging. The laughs come easy, but it is the heartfelt ending that makes this a journey you'll want to take. Do yourself a favor and go!... full review

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TRACY JOHNSTON certified reviewer · June 20, 2011
Have you ever had a best friend? Then go see this show. Pam Noles tells you of her best friend and draws parallels between his influence on her life and the characteristics of Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime? Are you a geek? Then go see this show. Pam tells you how she managed to get herself as an extra on the Transformers movie. Do you like to laugh? Then go see this show. Pam delivers her stories with wit and insight that will have you chuckling if not laughing out loud. Why are you still sitting there? Go see this show! ... full review

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CARLA CACKOWSKI certified reviewer · June 23, 2011
Best storytelling show I've seen. Period. Pam is a wonderful writer!... full review

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