! Death 40-Feet Tall !

theatre · psychokitty productions · Ages 10+ · family friendly · one person show · United States

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June 17, 2011 certified reviewer

My overall impression

Earnest, heartfelt and completely, unapologetically sincere, Pam Noles’ ‘! Death 40-Feet Tall !’ is a beautiful story that isn’t just for geeks. Sure, there’s lots of talk about Buckaroo Banzai, Autobots, GI Joe and why no one cares that Aquaman rules over 75% of the earth, but it’s presented in a fashion that is both appeasing to geeks and inclusive to the uninitiated – not an easy accomplishment. What’s more striking is the beautiful message of what it truly means to find your All-Spark and become a Prime that she manages to skillfully weave into her tale without drubbing her audience over the head with it. You may not know what that means right now, but do yourself a favor – GO to this show and find. Run to it. Run like giant robots are chasing you. You will not regret it.

Roll out.

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