Even If It's Wrong

tap productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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When his mother found herself wasting time on a lazy afternoon she would proclaim, “I’ve got to do something…even if it’s wrong.” But when that mantra finds her back on the couch reading yesterday’s newspaper for a third time, a son must head back to Nebraska and help his father cope with one of the biggest challenges of life; Alzheimer’s Disease. Todd Pickering details his year helping his Father come to grips with the disease and the sometimes difficult but almost always funny lengths one has to go to in order to bring peace to a family. Find out what pineapple, rolling pins, junkyards and the TV show “Hoarders” all have in common. Todd’s passionate and creative story telling helps audiences see the conflicts, humor and most importantly, the love that keeps a family strong through the tumultuous world of Alzheimer’s.

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Written by the award winner of 2014 hit Angels and Whiskey and directed by Best Comedy for the DC Fringe winner Branda Lock, we finally answer the question: what happens to gods who have no believers left? Let There Be Thistles: An Ungodly Comedy.


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