'Til Sunday

solo performance · yolo! productions · Ages 13+ · one person show · United States of America

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‘Til Sunday is a one-woman show that follows Claridad, a 14-year-old Cuban girl, through the span of 13 years leading up to the day of her “quinces” in 1985 New Orleans. Her mother moved to the United States with her daughter in search of a better life. She soon finds that this “better life” comes with sacrifices; the most significant is leaving her husband behind in Cuba. As Claridad’s mom sets out to bring her husband legally and safely to the U.S., the outlook for a family reunion looks bleak, due to Castro’s oppressive regime. The years go by with Claridad questioning who deserves her loyalty: Cuba or America, her father or her mother?

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nairoby otero *

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* Fringe Veteran

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